Frames Per Second Productions was founded by Executive Producer, Mark Kalbfeld. Our philosophy has always been to create a "team" atmosphere to generate the best possible product. Frames Per Second Productions can handle any project of any scope, from conception to final on-line; commercials, promos, music videos and multi-camera shows. Clients include FORD, NBC, Mary Kay Cosmetics, Wrangler, Best Friends Pet Adoption, Toby Keith, Brad Paisley, Rebba McIntyre, and many more.

Frames Per Second Productions specializes in projects of any scope or production stage, from conception to final on-line. With years of experience in commercials, promos, music videos, live-multi-camera shows, our award-winning producers, editors and directors provide top industry experience with an extremely collaborative approach, giving each project the creative support it needs to become a total success.

After working for over 15 years in the film industry, Mark Kalbfeld established his own production company, Frames Per Second Productions, in 2005. With over 21 years producing experience, Mark has made it a point to learn as much as he can from every department on a movie set, which comes in handy when budgeting and dealing with problems that arise. His background includes producing commercials, promos, documentaries, music videos and multi-camera shows. Mark is known for his attention to detail and his close collaboration with clients and directors to facilitate their production needs.

Left: Mark with director Jason Alexander, son Kevin, and Brad Paisley on the set of Brad Paisley's "On Line" video.